The Ultimate Virtual Events Toolkit - Get Yours NOW!
Your SHORTCUT to Strategize, Plan, Market, & Launch an EPIC Online Event
Faster Than Ever.
Does this sound familiar?
  • EVERYONE keeps telling you that you need to host an online
    event...but you have NO idea where to start. 
  • ​You’re ready to pull your hair out thanks to your ever-growing
    to-do list and fast-approaching deadline.
  • ​You said you’d host an online event...but that’s as far as you got. A month ago. 
  • ​You've been spending way too much time writing all the content,
    email sequences, website copy for your event - and you want to
    put it all into motion.
  • ​You’d totally host an event if you could find a way to fast-track the process and make planning a virtual event SUPER EASY.
If you’re nodding along, I’ve got great news for you - there’s a
very real, very simple way to get your online event up and
running with ease in as little as 7 days

Imagine how good it will feel when you FINALLY announce your event - knowing that you are set up for profitability.

You can now take the guesswork out of the process and confidently hit the ground running with certainty because you know exactly the shortcut to follow and have all the tools needed to expedite your success.
What Would a SHORTCUT Do for Your Virtual Event?
What would it feel like to save literal days, not stressing over the ‘little’ things (that feel huge in the moment), knowing that you are going to increase your revenue, grow your email list, and provide HUGE value for your audience?

Here’s a hint: it will feel awesome.

Any virtual event host will tell you that the biggest cost with a virtual event is TIME & THE UNKNOWN. 

Most of us would LOVE to create a virtual event, but we aren’t sure how to do a lot of the things that are necessary for success. Things like: 
  • Securing speakers.
  • Finding sponsors. 
  • ​ Identifying the appropriate technology.
  • ​Building a high converting registration page.
  • ​Creating and effectively offering an upgrade, or upsell, or tripwire. 
  • ​Writing all of the content (your sales pages, landing pages, emails, social posts, ad’s a long list). 
  • ​Growing and engaging your community.
  • ​Sending the replay. 
  • ​Selling the event even after it’s happened.
  • ​...and more. 
There’s a lot of little things that can make - or break - a virtual event. And these aren’t things that you’ll get in any other workshop or course. 
That’s why I’ve created a shortcut!
A shortcut that guides you step-by-step through the virtual event process. 
Now, more than ever before, you have a captive audience and global reach - and people need to hear what you have to share. 

Time is of the essence - this is a race to see who can get their event online fastest. 

Luckily for you, I’ve created a shortcut that takes out the guesswork - it’s simple, straightforward, easy to follow, and allows you to take action like yesterday fast. 

Introducing: The Ultimate Virtual Events Shortcut

This shortcut is your one-stop-shop for your next virtual event. 
All the work is done for you - you’ll save countless hours using my done-for-you virtual event system, which means you can spend more time on growing your business, instead of spending days on end trying to figure out next steps.
And those stressful decisions? I’ve put my tried-and-true virtual event process into a step-by-step, easy to follow, Toolkit that gives you a simple plan that’s easy to follow so that you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to happen - from how many speakers, to sponsors, to pricing strategy, to promoting, to targeting and more….. 
Every single step has been laid out for you in a clear, concise order - you just have to go down the list. Easy, right? 
You quite literally get absolutely everything you need to 
strategize, plan, market, and host a successful, profitable, engaging event, including:
  • The Getting Started Toolkit: Set yourself up for success with checklists, best practices, a comprehensive planning workbook, and more!
  • The Speakers & Sponsors Toolkit: Everything you need to pitch your speakers and sponsors including strategy, pitch scripts, email templates, a comprehensive speaker toolkit, and more.
  • The Website and Registration Toolkit: Checklists and templates to quickly build a high converting registration website and create your irresistible All-Access Pass upgrade offer. All of the copy for each page is written for you, and even includes scripts you can follow to add videos on your site, all the email templates to send after registration, and more!
  • The Marketing & Promotion Toolkit: Includes virtual event promotion strategy, marketing guide, social media & Facebook™  ads copy, email sequence templates, and more.
EVERYTHING You Need Is Included:
  • 15 Attendee Email Templates 
  • ​​5 Speaker Email Templates
  • ​1 Speaker Agreement
  • ​1 Speaker Checklist
  • ​2 Website Video Scripts
  • 1 Speaker Tracking Spreadsheet
  • 2 Community Video Outline Templates
  • ​1 Speaker Agreement
  • ​5 Speaker Pitch Templates
  • ​8 Website Page Templates 
And when you TAKE ACTION NOW, 
you’ll get over $1,000 of fast-action bonuses to fast-track your success:
  • ​Virtual Event Timeline Calculator (a $197 value)
  • ​Sponsor Compatibility Matrix (a $97 value)
  • ​Access to our Exclusive Facebook™  group (PRICELESS!)
  • ​Virtual Event Click Funnels Template (a $247 value)


FOR ONLY $197 (Limited Time Only)

Hi there, new friend! I’m so glad to meet you. I’m Wendi Freeman, and I’m passionate about connecting people - and my favorite way to do that is through EVENTS - both live and virtual, which is what I’ve dedicated my life to for the past 15 years (yes, I had fun, too!). 

With over a decade of event experience, I know a thing or two about what makes (and breaks) an event, including transitioning in-person events to online virtual events (and vice versa). Basically, I know my stuff inside and out, and I am super excited to share my best tips and tricks with you so that your event can be a success. 

I know that the best events aren’t about size - they’re about experience, engagement and excitement, and this is true whether you’re on a shoestring budget like I was when I started my business, or whether you have $7Mil to spend (yes, I’ve planned extremely high end events, too). 

I’ve learned that the rules are the same no matter your budget, and I am so proud to share my toolkit with you - a toolkit that allows you to do the things that I know make a crazy-successful event - sparking engagement, inspiring change, and watching communities and organizations grow. 

And, when I’m not planning, hosting, or masterminding (and when we’re not all ordered to stay at home), I love to travel - I’m a nature lover - it helps me recharge, so I gravitate to the beach. My mom always said I should have been born a mermaid.
It’s time to stop making excuses. 

That means that if you have a message you want to share 
with the world, the time is right now
not tomorrow, not next Tuesday, not next month. 


The Ultimate Virtual Events Shortcut 
It’s time for you to make a difference, impact more lives, 
help more people - and get your message heard. 


  • ​Getting Started Toolkit
  • ​Niche & Topic Workbook
  • ​Speaker Toolkit with Checklists, Pitches, and Agreement Templates
  • ​Speaker On-boarding Toolkit with Pitches, Email Scripts, and Swipe Copy
  • ​Sponsorship Toolkit with Pitches & Proposal Templates
  • ​Ticket Pricing Strategy Workbook
  • High Converting Registration Page Checklist
  • ​Virtual Event Website Template Toolkit
  • ​Website Video Scripts
  • ​Marketing & Promotion Toolkit
  • Virtual Event Marketing Playbook
  • Social Media Swipe Files
  • ​Guide to Facebook™  Ads & Headlines, with swipe copy
  • ​8 Registration Email Templates
  • ​7 Promotional Email Templates
  • ​Virtual Event Timeline Calculator
  • ​Sponsor Compatibility Matrix
  • ​Event Day Checklist
  • ​Guide to Facebook™  Communities with Live Call Scripts
  • ​Access to our Exclusive Facebook™  Group
  • ​Virtual Event Click Funnels Template


FOR ONLY $197 (Limited Time Only)

I know that you’ve got BIG dreams. You want to share your passion and knowledge with the world - you want to make a massive impact, which means you need to get in front of BIG audiences - the The Ultimate Virtual Events Shortcut will get you there.   
I created this toolkit so you’ll have everything you need to fast track the process to hosting a successful, profitable, engaging virtual event that will empower you to get your message to your tribe and make an impact! 

It's not a course. It's not a workshop. IT'S A SHORTCUT!
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